Procrastireads: we've got one month of summer left, so let's slack off!

Ron Friedman asks, “what’s the first thing you do when you arrive at your desk each day?” He goes on to discuss the importance of planning out the rest of your day during those first 10 minutes at your desk.

In case you forgot, here’s a reminder about how awesome diners are (you probably didn’t need the reminder).

This is for anyone who used to underline passages and take notes in their high school copy of The Great Gatsby.

“Do Things, Tell People.” Here are some straight-forward reasons as to why some people get promoted (and others don’t).


Procrastireads: Because it's a holiday week, and no one's working

This is for anyone contemplating the relationship between humor and decision making.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day of work obligations. Get your passion project moving without quitting your day job offers some advice on how to jump into a side-project without jeopardizing your position at work.

Do you need to slow down? This TED Talk by Andy Puddicombe highlights the benefits of mindfulness and the importance of experiencing life as it happens.

Similar to Puddicombe’s TED Talk, “Wanderlust: Rebecca Solnit on How Walking Vitalizes the Meanderings of the Mind” touches on the idea of becoming more in-tune with the mind by slowing things down. An interesting point this article makes about the importance of walking: “Walking, like the capacity for boredom, is a form of intimacy with oneself — with one’s thoughts, one’s world, one’s imaginative and bodily sense of being.”

It’s 2015. It’s past time we ditched the idiotic traditional job interview questions in favor of real, human conversations.” Preach. Liz Ryan discusses smarter alternatives to the usual stupid interview questions.

What your haircut says about you. No, really.

Procrastireads: Because you need more distractions in life

For the Seinfeld fan in all of us: listen to this interview with Jason Alexander about George Costanza’s ex-fiance.

Smartphones are great, minus their infuriatingly short battery life. Here are some cute snazzy backup batteries that you can fit in your bag.

Getting Things Done (GTD). This GTD/productivity hack list should be your newest bookmark. This is a great read if you’ve been finding yourself to be really disorganized lately, and need some tips on how to get back on track.

“The Strange & Curious Tale of the Last True Hermit” is a fascinating read about Christopher Thomas Knight, better known as the North Pond Hermit of central Maine. The story goes on to detail some of the incidents Knight was involved in while living in the woods of Maine for 27 years. In an age where we are so overly-connected to the world, it’s hard to imagine how living alone in the woods, with no communications whatsoever is even possible.

Listen to this podcast to hear the creator of FX’s You’re the Worst talk about the show’s first season.