Procrastireads: Because it's a holiday week, and no one's working

This is for anyone contemplating the relationship between humor and decision making.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day of work obligations. Get your passion project moving without quitting your day job offers some advice on how to jump into a side-project without jeopardizing your position at work.

Do you need to slow down? This TED Talk by Andy Puddicombe highlights the benefits of mindfulness and the importance of experiencing life as it happens.

Similar to Puddicombe’s TED Talk, “Wanderlust: Rebecca Solnit on How Walking Vitalizes the Meanderings of the Mind” touches on the idea of becoming more in-tune with the mind by slowing things down. An interesting point this article makes about the importance of walking: “Walking, like the capacity for boredom, is a form of intimacy with oneself — with one’s thoughts, one’s world, one’s imaginative and bodily sense of being.”

It’s 2015. It’s past time we ditched the idiotic traditional job interview questions in favor of real, human conversations.” Preach. Liz Ryan discusses smarter alternatives to the usual stupid interview questions.

What your haircut says about you. No, really.