Procrastireads: I'm doing a staycation and cleaning out my Evernote folders -- enjoy!

If you’re just getting into graphic design, or if you are looking to give your website a face-lift, here are some great stylish fonts for download. The best part about them? They’re free.

Tired of that mid-afternoon slump at work? Instead of drowning in caffeine refills after lunch, some minor adjustments to your usual workday diet could actually help you to stay focused and more productive throughout the rest of the day.

Speaking of productivity, here’s a short list of some potential before-bed rituals to help you breakdown your day in order to set achievable goals for rest of your work week.

What’s more important than your work productivity? Your mental health.  This article, written by therapist Sherry Amatenstein addresses and debunks the most common myths about happiness and how to measure it.