Procrastireads: It's August, it's Monday. Blerg.


Do you have a message you want to go viral? Are you trying to grow your brand and it’s following? Read this.

Procrastination. We all do it. I know that last article mentions the importance of social media (and rightly so), but this is a great read for those of you who have a tendency to linger on your friend’s Twitter profiles just to put off sending that email. Here are some really interesting points on why people fall into the trap of procrastination, and even some tips on how to fine tune your time management skills. Don’t worry though, it won’t tell you to delete your Twitter.

If you can’t manage to stay off Twitter during your workday, don’t panic. There’s hope. This article about Jen A. Miller details her experience as a freelance writer, and addresses how she uses Twitter as a promotional tool for her clients (and herself).

Why does being deemed “a creative” have negative connotations within the marketing and PR world? Read this in order to understand the importance of informed creativity within PR, and how that creativity drives results.

I know it’s complete when I feel like I’ve mastered the subject and the story reflects a confidence and depth of real understanding.” Susan Orlean on her habits and daily tips for writing.