Procrastireads: Nerd stuff, content stuff, and saying nope

Captain Kirk or Hans Solo? Mark Watney or Professor Dumbledore? Need to amp up your nerd brain?  This comprehensive list will help you get started with the best sci-fi books and movies. 

If you’re asking yourself what do those characters have in common, you’re on the right track to successful brainstorming.

After brainstorming ideas, how do you create compelling content? Steve Alten, author and New York Times bestseller advises folks not to follow the adage of “write what you know.” Instead, he says, “What’s more important to me is writing what people want to read and making yourself an expert on it.”

Are you a “Yes Man?” Are you saying yes to everything and not truly fulfilling your own passion? Learn to say “no” and be selective so you can pursue what is best for you.