Procrastireads: Mondays + Me = NOT GREAT

Ugh, Monday, we meet again. I have never been one of those people who got the Sunday night blues, or dreading waking up Monday mornings.  But, this week, I'm recovering from the flu, and it's allergy season, and thus I’ve got a serious case of the Mondays. Yesterday was Daylight Saving Time where we set the clock an hour forward, so naturally, this morning I was all discombobulated. First order of business, COFFEE!!  Then lots of water.  But now it's time to get to work.

While I waited for the coffee to perk and bubble and steam and pour, I stopped to think, Is everyone like me?  What do highly productive people do to get things done? Some people make lists, or schedule or block off specific creative time in their calendar, while others visualize their day or even make dream boards (gag, this is so *not* me). To give me (and you too) some morning motivation, I’m sharing secrets of the most productive people.  There are things to learn from, and things in this article I know I'll never do.  Still, it's fun to see what gets people going on their productive path.

From getting out in nature, reading books or magazines, networking, everyday conversations, inspiration is everywhere. We’re all inspired by different things. Author Elizabeth Gilbert sat down with the queen of making things happen, Marie Forleo, to discuss the elusive mystery of tackling creativity. Now I’m feeling ready to take on the day. 

How do you keep your productivity flowing and your hustle hydrated?

Procrastireads: Random Thoughts and Stuff and Things


I find my busy schedule (and NOT GETTING OLDER, NO WAY NO HOW) doing me no favors and if you’re anything like me, remembering where I left my keys (usually in my work bag or the fridge or the car) or retaining information from articles or conversations is getting harder by the day. I'm a great note-taker, and ready to get even better at it!

Sometimes reading articles, having weird hobbies, or interesting conversations will inspire creativity. How do you get your creative juices flowing? Check out these tips on how to push your creative boundaries.

I personally find I am my most creative (and productive) when I feel the pressure of a deadline. Some call it procrastination; I think of it more as maximizing my creative productivity time. But really, is procrastination really a problem?  I mean this I tag these posts Procrastireads for a reason, right?

Packing for a trip usually takes me absurdly longer than it should - a girl’s got to have options! I know this, so I always clear my schedule and start early the night before to allow enough time to pack, and take things out and repack. I know I should not procrastinate this, but at least I don’t do it the morning of! Maybe not the best method, but it works for me. Here are some other tips to help you pack your carry-on.

Procrastireads: Comparison is the Thief of Joy

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the fear of failure and getting out of your own way. I've been thinking and reading more about it, and found a great presentation by Brene Brown where she talks about self-doubt and urges folks to stop focusing on the critics. 

Let’s face it, it is easy to sit behind a computer and critique others, but that’s not valuable feedback. The voices that matter are the ones who show up, put themselves out there, face their anxiety and uncertainty and contribute. 

She says, “If you’re not also in the arena getting your ass kicked, I’m not interested in your feedback.”  Brene and Teddy Roosevelt are a formidable pair.

There are those that show up and support and others that limit you. Friend or foe, critic or supporter - who you surround yourself with matters. Even at work, having a boss that inspires and encourages growth and creativity is crucial to success. Here are a couple things amazing bosses do differently. 

To be a successful creative, you can’t let jerks or human hurdles stand in your way. Studies show that those who have found success, often swear by their daily routines, or rituals.  But remember, comparison is the thief of joy. Do what works for you.  I like the idea of a morning routine or ritual.  I walk the dog, make coffee, read the paper, and scroll through Twitter before starting my day.

Soon, I'll add to that routine, because morning time is my most creative time and I have a few writing projects that have been sitting too long on the back burner.  It's time to put words on paper (or screen), and get things moving.  That's why I like routines -- they make me produce some good stuff.

Speaking of routines, I recently started scheduling time to sit down for a few minutes twice a week to practice handwriting because mine has gotten sloppy and weird, and I want it to be pretty again. Despite the fact that many schools are no longer teaching cursive, I still think it is a necessity and should be part of the curriculum. Good news is there is this nifty tutorial to help you learn (or relearn) how to write cursive.  Get yourself a pad of writing paper from Staples or Amazon, a pen or pencil you love, and get to writing.  It feels good to work toward pretty handwriting again.

Procrastireads: Get Out of Your Way

I was puttering around the house listening to music the other day when the song Nothing Ever Happens by Rachel Platten came on. She sings about taking chances and risks and it got me thinking about how more often than not, it is our own fear of failure and rejection that prevents us from moving forward. We are often our own worst enemy and harshest critic and we just need to get out of our own way.

Most of my friends and colleagues see me as pretty fearless, but I'mma share a little secret with you:  I'm terrified by a lot of things.  What if something fails? What if something goes well and it changes my life in ways I can't foresee?  What if I try something and ... nothing happens.  What if people judge me?  What if I judge myself?

The advice I always give myself and give to you today is this - don’t let fear hold you back. Start simple and get your ideas out of your head and on paper.  Clearing your head and putting things on paper helps make space for other cool stuff to pop in there.

Once you've gotten over the initial fear hurdle by writing down your ideas and thoughts and plans, it's time to reach out and see who can help.  None of us can do great work in a vacuum, no matter how awesome we think we are.  Now more than ever, we have a multitude of social media platforms to meet people and ask for help.  No one is off limits, especially with technology like Twitter leveling the playing field. Check out this short video with some great tips that are surefire ways to land a meeting with anyone

Speaking of Twitter, I was chatting online today with a reporter who wrote a story about me when I had the crazy idea to cook my way through The French Laundry Cookbook and wrote the blog French Laundry at Home about my adventures in the kitchen teaching myself to cook.  We reminisced about the good old days of blogging, and how much has changed when it comes to promoting your content.  But still, at the core, blogging is both an art and science and it's a great discipline to have to distill thoughts and ideas and find your people to build an online and offline community.

On a completely unrelated note, I need these shoes.  Like, NEED need.  I need to hug whoever created these two-heeled shoes because they're gorgeous and I want to buy them.


Procrastireads: What's your story, morning glory?

We all have stories to share. As a PR and communications consultant, I help brands everywhere tell theirs. How can you help team members identify the untold stories within your company? Here are three ways to uncover great tales within your organization.

Sometimes finding that story is a challenge. Coming up with new stories, campaigns, features - how do you do your best creative thinking? Try workplace meditation. I meditate twice a day -- 20 minutes each time -- and I swear it's the only thing that keeps me sane, creative, and able to sustain the levels of energy I need to get it all done.

There are thousands of apps to pick from, some brilliant and some, not so much. Tech writer Farhad Manjoo recently shared some of his favorites to help with organization, productivity, and creativity. Which apps can you not live without? How do you work?

Failure is sometimes a lesson more important than success. Failing teaches resilience. There is always something to be learned. Christina Wallace shared her experience saying “it's incredibly powerful and liberating to live through your worst-case scenario.” Read the interview here.

Procrastireads: Pimiento Cheese Makes Everything Better

When you’re a big Hollywood director, there’s no shortage of films trying to get made. Adam McKay, director of The Big Short and Ant-Man has solid advice on how to pick a creative project. Before taking on a project he asks himself, “Can I have this be my life for the next year and a half? Am I interested enough, am I excited enough, is there enough meat here that I want to do a year and a half?”  He also creates or asks for deadlines to help him stay on track. Good to know I’m not alone there.  I admire those who do great creative work and ask the big questions ahead of time.

Two of my favorite things: girl power and the love of food. This cool chica is doing it all!

Having a bad day? Pimento cheese makes everything better.

Procrastireads: Reading and writing are fundamental to leadership

A great way to learn to be an outstanding leader is to keep a journal. You can record thoughts and feelings, creative ideas, and let your imagination flow.  Making this a daily habit can reduce stress, focus your efforts on what matter, and you’ll find you are more appreciative of things you would've otherwise forgotten.

Being grateful for their staff and colleagues, forming deep trusting relationships, and knowing the industry are just some of the characteristics of what great executives know and do. 

“I am amazing and things are great” doesn’t let anyone connect with you or know anything about you. Part of being a leader is establishing your personal brand and letting people get to know you. Be authentic and honest and build your audience’s trust. People relate to people on an emotional level, they don’t relate to manufactured robots. So don’t share all your strengths and appear to be perfect; share your weakest moments too and connect with your audience.  

Your reputation will follow you, whether or not the business succeeds or fails. If no one knows your personal brand, your business is meaningless. 

Did you know that the most powerful people are avid readers? Apparently Warren Buffett spends 80% of his day reading. Bill Gates reads for an hour each night before going to bed. And Mark Cuban credits part of his success to the fact that he is willing to read more than anyone else, according to Why You Should Read 50 Books This Year (And How To Do It)

I work way too much (sshhhh, I love what I do), but I also miss reading.  I don't do nearly enough of it.  So, signing off now to get a chapter or two in before it's time for some shut-eye.

Procrastireads: Girl Power and Cozy Food

I think it’s fair to admit that there’s nothing better than Tina Fey & Amy Poehler’s friendship, right?  If re-watching YouTube clips of Fey & Poehler at the past Golden Globes isn’t enough, I’ve got you covered. Check out these female buddy sitcoms that I’m totally binge watching.

While we’re on the topic of fabulous ladies, you have to take the time to read about these 3 retired NYPD detectives.

I haven't felt all that great these past few days.  Tired, cranky, and achy.  NO FUN AT ALL.  Being sick totally sucks, but it might be worth it if it means I get to eat this soup all day.  Who's making me some and drone-ing it over?

I don’t care that it’s not summer anymore, make some one-ingredient ice cream and eat all of it while binge watching those sitcoms. As Tom Haverford would say, #treatyoself.

Procrastireads: Fall is here!

I'm a summer girl.  Born in the summer, happiest on my front porch with the sun shining and hummingbirds flocking to the majestic, red canna lilies in my garden.  Love the freckles on my nose that only come around from July - September.  


But, fall is here, and instead of just beginning the countdown to *next* summer, I need to embrace it and be okay with the fact that the awful, cold, grey weather of winter will soon be upon us.  I need to find pretty trees, pretty suede boots, and delicious food to help me create some autumn love.  And reading.  I always read more in colder weather:

Do you like happiness? Then you’ll like this recipe. BRB, drooling.

With fall's arrival comes colder, damper weather... which means I will want to spend all of my time in my pajamas. Here are some healthy tips on how to stay on track when it’s too tempting to hit the snooze button 4 (or 5) times.

What if those tips didn’t work? Here is a list of signs that it might be a good time to take a step back, and hit “pause” on your life.

Here are some tips on just like, how to stop like, you know? Please stop the madness.
What does it mean to be a resilient leader? What does it mean to foster a culture of resilient leadership in a workplace? This blog piece attempts to tackle these ideas head by listing the shared qualities found in high ranking government and military officials, whose positions require resilient leadership. Okay, so maybe we aren’t all Navy SEALs, but the qualities pointed out here are essential when building up your personal brand, and methods of leadership.

Procrastireads: It's August, it's Monday. Blerg.


Do you have a message you want to go viral? Are you trying to grow your brand and it’s following? Read this.

Procrastination. We all do it. I know that last article mentions the importance of social media (and rightly so), but this is a great read for those of you who have a tendency to linger on your friend’s Twitter profiles just to put off sending that email. Here are some really interesting points on why people fall into the trap of procrastination, and even some tips on how to fine tune your time management skills. Don’t worry though, it won’t tell you to delete your Twitter.

If you can’t manage to stay off Twitter during your workday, don’t panic. There’s hope. This article about Jen A. Miller details her experience as a freelance writer, and addresses how she uses Twitter as a promotional tool for her clients (and herself).

Why does being deemed “a creative” have negative connotations within the marketing and PR world? Read this in order to understand the importance of informed creativity within PR, and how that creativity drives results.

I know it’s complete when I feel like I’ve mastered the subject and the story reflects a confidence and depth of real understanding.” Susan Orlean on her habits and daily tips for writing.