One of my clients once told me, "You're the Pat Benatar of PR."

Me:  "Go on, tell me more..."

Client:  "Benatar has a four-octave range and can sing everything and sound amazing.  But you can tell when she sings rock, that's where she shines and makes others feel good.  You?  You've got a four-octave PR range.  You can do everything in the comms field and do it really well.  Your work is amazing, thoughtful, smart, and strategic.  But when you 'rock' -- meaning, when you work on things that are meant to change the status quo, that's where you shine and make others feel like they're a part of something big, because they are."

Me:  "PR is a battlefield..."

*   *   *

In addition to being a multi-dimensional PR Pat Benatar, one of the things I'm known for is being able to effectively communicate complex issues in easy-to-understand language to multiple and diverse stakeholders and audiences.

Whether it’s developing strategic messaging around a controversial subject, planning and executing a product or program launch, building a lobbying strategy, generating grassroots support of legislation, ensuring staff is appropriately aligned with the organization's goals and mission, conducting background research for a competitive analysis, or writing clever social media copy I've done it, and I've done it well.  Ask my clients.  Seriously.

I'm smart, thoughtful, kind, audience-driven, ask good questions, can recommend a great wine with dinner (along with the great place you should eat dinner), and believe you should spend your PR dollars wisely.  I pull in the best and smartest people to assist on big projects, and I have an amazing right hand named Marisa.  If you're lucky, you'll get to work with her, too.

Here's what I do, and would be happy to help you with:

–      Strategic communications planning;

–      Media relations;

–      Public affairs;

–      Crisis communications;

–      Message development and speaker training;

–      Events, conferences, and roundtables/convenings;

–      Social media content creation and curation;

–      Speechwriting and ghostwriting (op-eds, opinion pieces, letters to the editor, columns, books); and

–      Writing training and coaching.

I'm available to speak at conferences, meetings, and other events, and would be happy to talk to your team, company, or organization about communications, personal branding, authenticity, and the importance of advocacy.