Monday Motivation: April 22, 2019


I had my family here for Easter dinner yesterday, and I ate way too much key lime pie for dessert. I also may have eaten a slice for breakfast this morning. My brother was a true gem and planted SEVEN hydrangea bushes for me, and puttered around doing other things in the yard I’ve been neglecting. Dad perused my bookshelves and helped himself to a few biographies (Cronkite, Lowe, Jobs) to keep himself busy back home. My mom also picked up some twigs and other debris from the wind and rain over the weekend, while I stayed inside and cleaned up and played Legos with my nephew and sister-in-law. In all, a good day and a nice weekend.

The past week was and this week is so jam-packed schedule-wise and brainpower-wise. Lots going on with work and work-adjacent projects.

Here’s what I care about this week:

  • Getting shit done. Lots on the to-do list, and all of it is manageable and reasonable. Unless a client goes into crisis mode, then all bets are off. Lordt, let this be a week I can be productive and clear out these lists!

  • Working out. Anyone who knew me before 2015 would be all “WHO EVEN ARE YOU WITH THIS WORKOUT TALK” because, historically, I have hated exercise and everything about gyms and workout culture. But, a few years ago, that all changed and I actually need and like exercise and, therefore, I plan to do a lot of it this week. I like feeling strong, plus getting in some reading time on the bike and treadmill always makes me happy.

  • Adding some new books to my library hold list. I’ve got a million different lists in a million different places, so it’s time to get them all logged on Goodreads and my library hold list. I’ve got a four-day vacation planned in May where I’m going off the gird and will be reading books and napping for 4 days. Need to make some reading plans this week.

Here’s what I am so sick of and just don’t care about:

  • Harry and Meghan’s baby: go away; all of you.

  • Old Town Road

  • Pollen. BE GONE.

  • Marie Kondo

Here’s a little look at some things I’m reading, listening to, or otherwise consuming this week:

What I’m listening to: The Jackie and Laurie Show podcast. Laurie writes for Conan. Jackie is the hardest-working standup. They’re incredible supporters of other women in the business, and the podcast is a great (and very funny) way to start my week every Monday morning.

What I’m reading: A Lesson in Secrets by Jacqueline Winspear. The 8th book in the Maisie Dobbs series, I’m speed-reading through this series (for a second time) in preparation of reading her newest book in the series which I’m due to get from the library on my holds list very soon! I love me a good cozy British mystery.

What I’m watching: Downton Abbey, season one. The theme music still makes me oh, so happy. When the movie comes out, I’m hoping the “Matthew dies” storyline was just a horrible dream.

What’s canceled: This is what happens when only white people work at your company. Horrible.

What I’m learning: That I can burn a hell of a lot of time scrolling through TikTok, and that there are so many creatively funny people on there, and that I would have been obsessed with creating content for that platform if it existed when I was in high school.

What’s making me think: How interesting it is that Abigail Disney (niece of Walt) is calling out Disney CEO Bob Iger for a salary that is 1,424x what the median Disney employee income is.

Let’s go make this week an awesome one. Do something that helps set you apart from others and makes you memorable. Be remarkable. Do some cool shit.