Monday Motivation: March 18, 2019


I meet waaaayyy too many people who get the Sunday scaries and the Monday morning blues. Not me. Well, most of the time, not me.

I actually secretly kinda totally love Mondays. I love my work, and I love the chance to start a fresh new week to kick some ass and get some great work done.

Here’s hoping your Monday gets off to an awesome start. Make that to-do list. Bang out one or two quick things as soon as you sit down at your desk. And set a goal to make yourself stand out this week. What can you do to differentiate yourself?

Here’s a little look at what’s got me goin’ to start this week:

What I’m listening to: Honestly? The ‘80s radio station in my car. I’m kind of brain-fried from all the podcasts I’ve been listening to, so I needed to take a break and jam out to the music from my junior high and high school days. One of the stations in the DC area just changed format from Top 40 to 80s, and I’m loving every minute of it. It’s always amazing to me that I can’t tell you without thinking really long and hard what years World War 1 was fought, but I have never forgotten a lyric or a guitar riff or drum solo from any songs produced between 1979 - 1990.

What I’m reading: The Amulet series graphic novels by Kazu Kibuishi. My 10-year-old nephew blazed through these books so I am reading them, too. I want him to stay engaged in reading, and if he sees an adult enjoying the books he loved, I’m hoping he’ll find more things to read that he can share with me and we can talk about on FaceTime or when we’re together. The Amulet series is an eight-book collection of really interesting stories with beautiful artwork.

What I’m watching: “Workin’ Moms” on Netflix and “Shrill” on Hulu. I binged these both over the weekend and they’re phenomenal. Women-centered stories and characters, relatable voices and storylines, and so incredibly engaging.

What’s canceled: This is hard to write, but it’s Michael Jackson. I haven’t watched “Finding Neverland” or the Oprah after-show, but I believe victims. I believe survivors. I believe Wade and James. Michael Jackson’s music was an integral part of my growing up. Off The Wall remained one of my most favorite albums of all time. He was a cultural icon. But, sometimes you have to let go of something you’ve loved because of something related to it. I choose to believe survivors of sexual assault. So, I no longer own any music by MJ. I switch the radio station if one of his songs come on. And, I have had to force myself to not sing or bop along in the grocery store when one of his tunes is in the mix.

What I’m learning: Patience. Every day. Every way.

What’s making me think: This quote from Seth Godin: “How dare you settle for less when the world has made it so easy for you to be remarkable?”  Powerful shit right there. And he’s right.

Go. Be remarkable. I’m watching and cheering you on!