Monday Motivation: March 25, 2019


When you are a founder and a CEO, and you are self-employed, you work a lot. It’s just the way it is with the kind of work I do. However, over the years, I’ve learned how important it is to take time away from work — even if only for 3 days — to fully recharge my batteries. For me, the best and most thorough way to do that is to go to the beach.

My little beach town in southern New Jersey offers the greatest respite. I have friends who live there year-round … other friends who live there during the summer … and I have an ocean that knows all my secrets and dreams.

With temperatures in the low 50s on Sunday morning, it was a perfect time to sit on the sand, stare out at the water, and do some thinking and resting. Maybe you need something calming this morning to help you get centered and ready for the week ahead? Here’s a little snippet of what worked (and always works) for me:

Here’s a little look at some things I’m reading, listening to, or otherwise consuming this week:

What I’m listening to: “The New CCO” podcast by The Page Society. The Page Society is the association for senior PR and corporate communications executives and educators who want to enrich and strengthen their profession. This monthly podcast features conversations with leading Chief Communications Officers in the United States and how they engage stakeholders.

What I’m reading: Dare to Lead, by Brene Brown. Dr. Brown’s work on empathy, shame, and vulnerability has led to some very real conversations among my students at Georgetown, and has helped with the way I shape some client discussions. I’ve just started this book, so I don’t have any insights to share with you but, if you’ve read it, comment below and tell me what you think.

What I’m watching: “Parks and Recreation” on Netflix. It’s my default. It never disappoints, and it’s always sweet and funny.

What’s canceled: Mindless scrolling on Facebook. Last year, I took a four-month break from the platform and it was a very good thing. I’m not the kind of person who falls into a compare-and-despair trap, but I am the kind of person who can scroll through a social media platform feed for am embarrassing length of time and have nothing to show for it. So, I’ve worked really hard to change that habit and not use the platform much, if at all, on my personal account. I like seeing what friends and far away relatives are up to, so I do check in from time to time. But I’m done with the mindless scroll. You should try it, too.

What I’m learning: Money laundering is a fascinating enterprise. NPR’s Planet Money re-released this podcast episode not long ago and I finally got around to listening to it. Really, really interesting: Episode 418 — How the Government Set Up a Fake Bank to Launder Drug Money

What’s making me think: How much emotional and intellectual effort people in (and out of) Washington put into waiting for the Mueller Report to come out, instead of focusing that energy and effort on building their political benches in local, state, and national races. Working in Washington as long as I have, there is nothing more frustrating that people outside this professional realm complaining about the system, yet doing absolutely nothing to change who gets sent to Washington to represent them. It’s exhausting, y’all. Coach, fund, and give professional support to candidates who can get shit done. //steps off soapbox

Now, you go get shit done. Kill this week. Be remarkable.